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December 07, 2004



The story makes me sad, but that stick figure on that teepee makes me smile. Any update?

Casa Del Sol

Thanks for posting the pictures. They are beautiful.

Casa Del Sol

Garden Party, Rally and Procession to support and commemorate Casa del Sol community center!


Sunday, December 12th.

3pm to 5pm.

At the St. Luke's Park.

138th street between Cypress and St. Anne's Ave.

Take the 6 train to Cypress Ave. Walk away from highway towards Cypress.

Featuring: The RUDE MECHANICS ORCHESTRA marching band (probably)

+ other festivities!

For more info call: (646)334-1043

or email: casashows@gmail.com

...and then there will be an after party...for four days:

Four Day Autonomous Space!!!

Next week, starting Monday morning December 13th and going until Friday morning, Extravaganza of Ridiculous Proportions will be co-hosting an an event at the Tank Annex, an amazing art space on 37th street. 24 hours a day. Four days straight.

I mean it. 24 hours a day, for four days. Music, games, performances, puppets, art making and much more.

This is in support of the recently evicted Casa del Sol.

We are looking for more artists, of all kinds, and musicians to come at any hour (Esp. evening) and perform and have a good time. (Email here or show up there.)

There will be bands of all types playing all four evenings as well as many types of artwork, including human size puppet making for the party on Friday and for merriment at the art space as well.

The address is: 208 West 37th street. Between 7th and 8th avenues. Donations will be accepted at the events to help the collective find a new home.

There should always be someone there.

Come and respect the space and we should all have a blast.


On November 30th residents of the Casa del Sol community center est. 1984, were evicted without warning by the NYPD. They were given ten minutes to leave, not enough time to retrieve much of their belongings, besides which all of them believed they would soon return to live there or at least get the rest of their things.

Within five hours of the eviction ACORN (A corrupt anti-community group, see www.acornsucks.org ) contractors started a four-alarm fire somehow, that resulted in the destruction of some of the most livable areas of the building. 16 firefighters were hospitalized as a result of the fire.

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