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August 26, 2004



Wow! i really like the memorial murals, they're really unique!


I live on Watson, great pictures. One thing though, Watson is not in Bronx River. This is the Soundview Section of the Bronx. Bronx River is North of Westchester Avenue. Great shots though, I walk by them almost everyday. It's ashame a lot of good murals in the area are being painted over.


I was working in the area the other day and saw these awesome memorials such as Headache Nelson. The artist or artists should be recognized for their beautiful work. How did Headache die??

kerry bedneau

I think headaches real name was nelson torres if I'm not mistaken. I'm from the Bronx, but I've been living in Toronto for the past six years. I recently visted the Bronx in 2003 and some people in my crew told me that he got stabbed. If that is nelson torres, then that's a dude that I went to school with up until maybe eith grade. R.I.P.

kerry bedneau

One more thing, I think the guy in the first picture was a dude named Lance. If that is Lance then my brother older brother went to school with him. R.I.P. Watson all day!!!!


i knew headache aka nelson he was my boy we grew up together we shed blood together......he was a good dude he was loved by many as you can see he will always be missed ....i was born and raised on watson we all was headache, baby angel, pupi george, lance aka boogie, jonathen.....r.i.p headache i love you my nigga


a lot of niggas lived and died on watson ave strugglin to get out the hood.


Yes, That was indeed Nelson Torres and Yes He was Very Popular. It's amazing to see these Murals recognized here.

Nelson was a Good Person. Although short tempered, He always looked out for His Family and Friends. He was Brave and Feared No One. That's the kind of person You admired in the Block you know?

He earned the name "HEADACHE" with his Playfighting behavior. He used to drive people crazy with that shit. Hence, He was a "HEADACHE".

But he was well Loved and Respected all the Same. As mentioned before, He always helped those who needed it...and without going into detail, it was sadly the same thing that took Him away from us.

Nel, not one day passes without You in mind. After all these years, I still can't believe it. I pray for the day when We will see each other again. We will always Miss You and You will Never be Forgotten.

Love Always...Your cousin, Gil.

To the Author: Thank You for Posting these Pics'. I have not been at that area in a very long time so it's nice to see His Murals again.

Crystal torres

Aw this is nice how ppl comment on this speaking good things about my dad nelson torres , yes im his daughter crystal torres , but damn its such a shame how all these beautiful ppl pass for such reasons that shouldnt ov happend Daddy iloveyou & miss you you will never be forgotten muahh your the reason why i keep my head up & try to do the right thing so i can see you smile up there Rest in paradise Te amo <3

Love your little girl crystal marie torresx3

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